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VTG 5530
Electrical brake-filling and ventilating equipment

• Used for vehicles with and without ABS with excellent
• With low pressure control which checks the closeness
  of the brake-system
• The fact, that the brake-fluid can remain in the original
  container, time-wasting transfusing and the danger of
  foaming can be avoided
• Brake-fluid does not come in contact with air because
  no transfusing is required! And consequently there is
  no danger of a hygroscopical effect (absorption of water)
• Operating elements are situated in correct height-
  position for mechanical handling
• Used for capacities from 5-20 liters
• The automatic final stop by empty container avoids that
  air is drawn.

Technical Data:
Dimensions          340 x 290 x 980 mm
Workingpressure  0,5 - 3,0 bar, freely adjustable
Power                     230 V / AC