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VTG 20

The system of braking and coupling can be deaerated
and filled without any problems with VTG 20. The built-in
pressure-reducer plus shutoff-valve as well as volumeter
(against extra charge) guarantee easy handling.

VTG 20 offers following advantages:

• Suitable for ABS-systems as well as installations
  with clack valve (working pressure can be set stepless
  by means of the pressure-reducer from 0-3 bar)
• Low pressure check-up
• Uncoupling without pressure - no overflowing of
  the compensating tank
• Indicator-lamps-indication of tank contents
• End-disconnection at approx. 1 ltr of contents
• Tank capacity approx. 25 ltr
• One-man handling (approx. 5-10 mm.)
• Fast, safe and careful performance of all work on all
  hydraulic brake installations and coupling systems.

VTG 20