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List of Adapters




Adapters for different types of vehicles

We have adapters for most car manufacturers in our
program (see list as pdf)

Here is an example: (HONDA Press Info /Report 2/1995)

lt is a problem with HONDA brake installations to find an
adapter which can be mounted safe and secure on the
compensation container. These are generally equipped
with a bayonet closure and on the lower end they are
connected by means of a clamp collar with the main
brake cylinder.
We have tested the adapters from VTG Bad Herrenalb
in Germany and have been excited to see the simple
and efficient equipment.We will recommend especially
these two shown aside. They are manufactured in
aluminium with an adequate bayonet closure.
lt appears, looked from the bottom,as if they could be
the original cover for the compensation container - and
the installation is simple as well. with a filling pressure
from about 1.0 to 1,5 bar, the adapter has functioned
perfectly - dense and clean.

Mitsubishi und Honda  Adapter